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Jireh School MathMaster Year 6-8 Class

Jireh School MathMaster Year 6-8 Class
Mathematics and Statistics coaching for the term.
Your child is taught new Mathematics skills twice each week.
Certificates are awarded at the end of the term based on how well your child does in their Maths assessments.

We introduce Algebraic Expressions.
After completing the term 3 program, students will be able to:
* Understand and use Index laws (Exponents)
* Multiple and divide integer powers
* Expand a single term over brackets and collect like termsin algebraic expressions
* Expand the product of two or three expressions
* Factorise linear, quadratic and simple cubic expressions
* Know and use the laws of exponents
* Work with negative and fractional exponents
* Rationalise denominators

This program is an accerelated Mathematics program suitable for students that are confident with Mathematics concepts and ideas and adept at using mathematics skills. The program is suitable for year 3-4 students.

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