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Maths helps develop logical thinking

One of the comments we hear time and again from parents is how amazed they are at seeing their child move from strength to strength in Maths when they have struggled in the past.

The reason for this is because MathMaster students learn through a continuum of physical objects, visual illustrations to more abstract concepts. With support from our professionally trained coaches, students can grasp learning math concepts in new imaginative ways that help concepts sink in and stick.

Math mastery offers a number of benefits for kids such as logical thinking, problem solving that provide significant value to their future careers. Read more about how Maths helps kids prepare for life.

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The best way to get started for year 0 to year 9 students is with the KidsPower MathMaster program. We run this world class program in various schools. For senior students Year 10 and above, we can offer the NZ Math's Academy.

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