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There are a lot of math's tuition programs out there. And it isn't easy to work out what program is best for your child. 

Lets dig into what makes the KidsPower MathMaster™ program truly unique.

  Pre-course Assessment

When registering for MathMaster, your child will need to complete an assessment. The purpose of the assessment is so we can fully understand your child's current understanding of Math.

We then use this assessment to place your child in the right class, with students who are at a similar level. The class your child is allocated to is based on the childs ability. Your child's class allocation is independant of the year-level your child may currently be operating at in school and it is independant of their age. Your child may be in a class higher than their year level at school or may need additional support. Our assessments are based on your childs unique abilities. 

  World-class Program

New Zealand Math

From a Mathematics competency perspective, New Zealand is not in great shape. In a recent poll by TIMSS, New Zealand is currently 40th out of 58 countries in year 5 maths. You can read more in this NZ Herald article.

At KidsPower we feel Kiwi kids deserve a lot better. We scoured the world to find the very best Math program available, and we have succeeded. It is no secret Singapore is the world #1 in Mathematics. We have applied the Singapore math methodology, weaved in the KidsPower philosophy along with our best practice coaching experience, and made the program available to Kiwi kids. The result is the MathMaster™ program.

Why Singapore Math® programs?

The main goal of Singapore Math programs are to help students develop competence and confidence in mathematics.

Pedagogical Approach and Methodology

Singapore math uses a best-practice and holistic approach in learning.

  • The same concepts are introduced to students over time with increasing levels of abstraction using a continuum of concrete, pictorial and abstract development.

  • Concepts taught in the concrete phase use real-life objects called manipulatives that students can touch and play with.

  • Variation in pictorial and concrete representations broaden student understanding.

  • The content of each grade level builds on preceding grade levels. Similarly, lessons build on previous lessons within each grade.

  • Group discussion of solution methods encourages students to identify alternative ways of solving problems.

  • Problems and activities are interesting and based on real life providing varied opportunities to explore and apply skills.

  • Hands-on tasks and sharing encourage collaboration.

  • Extra practice and extension activities encourage students to presevere through challenging problems.

Each topic is introduced, then thoughtfully developed through a variety of learning experiences, problem solving, student discourse, and opportunites for mastery of skills. The combination of hands-on practice, in-depth exploration of topics, and variability in teaching methodology allows students to truly master mathematical concepts.

Singapore Mathematics Framework

The Singapore math framework not only brings together concepts but also attitudes, skills, process and metacognition.

A more flexible way of learning

MathMaster uses constructivist-based pedagogy. In laymans terms, this means students learn by having the opportunity to construct their own knowledge through direct experience, rather than being taught concepts in the abstract. Our coaches introduce as many hands-on experiences with objects, skills, and people as possible. We encourage team-work and diversity of thought. Our students become aware of different ways of solving the same problem which makes them better problem solvers in the real world.

  Small Class Design

It is important that students are given independent ways of working whilst at the same time having individual support when they need it. This is why our MathMaster™ classes have no more than ten students in a class. Ideally we want closer to ten students so that we maximise the diversity of thought in the class and encourage team-work. Too few students result in a lower diversity of ideas. Too many students means insufficient individual support.

Class size is a balance between ensuring each student has the individual help they need when they need it whilst ensuring there are enough students to bring different ideas into the group and build team-work.

  Trained Professional Coaches

Our math coaches are trained professionally. This means they have been trained in best-practise techniques for child management and group management based on 12 years of coaching New Zealand students. Our coaches are also specifically trained to teach using the Singapore math methodology from the worlds best trainers.

All our coaches are police vetted and internally vetted to ensuring your child is always safe.

  Visual and Kinesthetic Learning

One of the unique features of the MathMaster™ program is our manipulatives. Manipulatives are real world objects that students can interact and play with. Students develop cognitive relationships with objects that cement understanding of mathematical concepts from an early stage. 

As students learn we shift from the use of manipulatives to visual themes. 

We create a layer of abstraction, but only a step-wise level of abstraction so students retain their comprehension from the understanding they developed with manipulatives earlier.

  Support Resources

The MathMaster™ program provides a wide range of support to give students all the resources they need for learning.


Each student is provided with a textbook designed to help build a solid foundation in mathematical thinking and efficient problem solving. Careful sequencing of topics, well-chosen problems, and simple graphics foster deep conceptual understanding and confidence. Mental math, problem solving, and correct computation are given balanced attention in all grades. As skills are mastered, students move to increasingly sophisticated concepts within and across grade levels.


Workbooks provide additional problems that range from basic to challenging. Workbooks allow students to independently review and practise the skills they have learned.

Additional support resources

We supplement the core resources mentioned above with 

  • two-dimensional templates for hands-on activities
  • videos
  • additional activities for students who need more practice or a greater challenge

  In-Course Assessments

Tests contain differentiated assessments to evaluate student progress systematically. The tests align with the content of the textbooks. The tests use pictorially engaging questions to test student ability to grasp key concepts through various methods including circling, matching, colouring, drawing, and writing numbers.

Tests consist of multiple-choice questions that assess comprehension of key concepts, and free response questions for students to demonstrate their problem-solving skills.

  Home Study

Students can extend their learning through home study. Students are provided with workbooks that have additional problems that range from basic to challenging. 

people  Parental Support

Another key differentiator with the MathMaster™ program is we actively engage with parents. The MathMaster™ program is a partnership between the student, our coaches and parents. We conduct workshops with parents so they understand Singapore math conceptually, have access to resources as they need them and understand how to present these resources to their child when they need support.

  KidsPower Philosophy

Our first and most immediate goal is to develop a great positive working relationship with your child. We do this by creating an environment of fun, activity, energy and respect. At KidsPower we are not teachers. We are coaches. The difference is we treat your child equally through respect and care. We support your child emotionally when they experience difficulties. We are only as good as the relationship we have with your child and their fellow students. 

Our coaches are great communicators who have experience working with children and helping them achieve their best. Our coaches have in-depth knowledge of Singapore math pedagogy and know how to utilise the Singapore math framework to provide exceptional outcomes for your child.

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