KidsPower MathMaster is a
world-class coaching program designed to achieve
mastery in Mathematics

Why focus on Math?

Watch the video below from a recent parent workshop to learn why we do what we do.

Our Philosophy

At KidsPower we believe in the power of the child. We embrace their potential, remove barriers and challenge students without overwhelming them. We support through encouragement and recognition. We treat each child equally without bias whilst recognising their unique strengths. Every child deserves to be their best. We are much more than teachers - we are coaches. 


How we deliver results

Careful pre-course assessment and placement ensure students:

 are grouped by similar ability,
 are assigned the right coach for their level
have access to the right content to challenge but
 not overwhelm them.

World-class program
MathMaster is based on the Singapore math methodology. Students who learn using the Singapore math approach consistently achieve the best math results globally. The Singapore math teaching approach instils a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through a physical, visual and abstract continuum.

Small class design
 We ensure each class has less than ten students so students can be given individual attention as they need it. 
 Teamwork is an essential skill in today's modern work environments. We encourage students to work together finding alternative solutions to problems.

Trained Professional Coaches
 All our coaches are professionals, trained in both coaching kids and in Singapore math methodology.
 Our coach trainers are world-class experts in the Singapore math framework and in mathematics itself.

Visual and Kinesthetic Learning
Our programs introduce problems based on everyday scenarios that students can relate to and understand. 

We introduce maths concepts using physical objects and then progress to visual representations. As students progress in their understanding, we increase the level of abstraction.

In-Course Assessments
We assess students regularly during our programs to identify and address gaps in their understanding.

Home Study
 We give students additional home study so they can extend their learning at home whilst becoming self-motivated.
 We empower you as a parent with the understanding of how to support your child with their home study.

KidsPower Philosophy
We engage kids in a way that they develop an outstanding relationship with the coach based on values of trust, encouragement and empowerment.

What Our Customers Say

We have been coaching students in New Zealand for over 12 years. We work with over 40 schools. Through our extensive experience we have developed our own pedagogical process for supporting our students in reaching their full potential.

My son had so much fun with the class! He's super excited. I have to say that you are an incredibly good teacher, and very good with children."

A De Roux

I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for all the support and teaching you have done with Max this year. He has absolutely loved it. I've realised this really is all his own drive and he couldn't have done it without you. 

Holly Clarke

Krystal has improved a lot when compared to last year and we feel that you have had a major contribution to her success and achievements. You are an amazing coach!

Joshwin Lal

Our son learns from you at Summerland Primary School. We can speak as parents and wanted to pass on our wish that you continue this course throughout the year at school. We find it amazing! Please do continue.

Shabbir Rajkotwala

Our Programs

Our programs cater for students pre-kindergarten right through to University Entrance level.

Group Coaching

Most of our programs are available at schools across New Zealand. View our MathMaster school list to see if your school currently supports KidsPower MathMaster. If not, don't worry, just introduce us to your school and we will work on getting a program up and running.

Private Coaching

We offer private coaching for one or more students both online or onsite. Private coaching is tailored to your child's individual needs and can be useful if your child needs greater support or you are looking for accelerated results.


The creators of KidsPower MathMaster™

KidsPower MathMaster was designed by Dr Maryam Hasannasab and Paul Macdonald.

Dr. Maryam Hasannasab

Dr. Maryam Hasannasab has a PhD in Mathematics. Maryam is currently a research fellow at the University of Auckland and a senior consultant at PwC. Maryam is experienced in coaching children in Mathematics.

KidsPower profile
University of Auckland research profile

Paul Macdonald

Paul Macdonald majored in Mathematics at Auckland University. Paul is the founder and CEO of KidsPower and the sister company ChessPower. Paul is a New Zealand Chess Champion and the creator of X-Chess.

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Chess Power coaches profile

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