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We created KidsPower to help kids improve their problem solving and critical thinking skills. We believe kids deserve the best opportunity to be successful. KidsPower currently offers the MathMaster program to help kids achieve mastery in Mathematics. MathMaster is a world-class program that helps kids develop a love for Mathematics and see how Mathematics operates in daily life and in the real world. We will have some great announcements in the future that will further extend children's learning.

KidsPower is a New Zealand owned and operated company full of people passionate about kids learning! Our purpose is to share our passion for learning and thinking with the children of New Zealand and help GROW KIDS MINDS!

Because we are passionate and what we do is unique, we tend to attract our fair share of media attention. 

If you are looking to improve your Math teaching skills, we can train you and even offer you work. We hold regular training sessions as part of our Maths Teacher training program.

If you would like to get in touch, contact us through our various channels.

Paul Macdonald and Maryam Hasannasab - founders and directors of KidsPower

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