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KidsPower empowers your child

KidsPower helps your child develop critical life skills.
Our professional coaches and leading education programs help your child be their best.

Welcome to KidsPower!

Welcome to KidsPower

KidsPower is all about engaging and stimulating kids intellectually. We believe that kids have unlimited potential. At KidsPower we are not teachers - we are professional coaches. The difference is we fully support your child at an emotional level to help them be their best. We coach your child to realise the full potential of their unique strengths and abilities.

We train our people well to ensure only highly qualified and experienced people work with your child. Our programs are truly world class. Our first program is called MathMaster. MathMaster is designed to help your child achieve mastery in Mathematics. 

KidsPower Origins

KidsPower grew out of our wealth of experience working with kids through our sister company, ChessPower. At ChessPower, our goal was to deliver excellence in Chess. Through working with kids for over 10 years, we developed capability in engagement, coaching and the organisation skills required to deliver coaching programs into over 30 schools and run over 250 events every year. 

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